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Upcoming Events


March Meeting


Thursday, March 12– 7:30 PM

Stage Contest  
Please make sure to show up early to sign in. Only members with paid dues are able to participate.


 Magic Gags and Jokes


Presenting the magic-related gags that can make YOU more memorable than the trick


-  Watch Winder

-  Neck Cracker

-  Clatter Box

-  Spring Snakes

-  Squeakers

-  Break-Apart Box

-  Bounce / No Bounce Balls

-  Cut / No Cut Scissors

-  Disappearing Ink

-  Bang Gun



Welcome to the DKOM

The Delaware Knights of Magic is a club for all magicians and people interested in magic in the Delaware area. We meet the second Thursdays of each month at 7:30pm at Cokesbury Village in Hockessen Delaware from September to June.

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